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Neck Joint OR Ghost mannequin Service

  Neck Joint OR Ghost mannequin Service: Clipping Path Amazon offers an appealing product image by giving the best neck joint service with extra shadow and retouching to make your image stunning.  Neck Joining  Introduction: Think of a real model and photoshoot, that will take time and be expensive. That’s why a dummy is the best solution. Taking a photo without a mannequin isn’t catchy & may add lots of noise to your product. Usually, neck joints and ghost mannequins are the same. A neck joint is a method of removing the mannequin from the image.   The main reason for neck joint service is to cut out the mannequin from the dress so that it doesn’t look like just hanging. But it looks more beautiful & realistic like it has a model who is invisible. Basically, neck joining or ghost mannequin is a kind of image manipulation service.    Neck joining or ghost mannequin service is a savior for e-commerce and any kind of online business. This photo editing service minimizes the production cost, makes product images more clear and grows the appearance of the customer.    What Is Neck Joint Service?  The neck joint is actually a post-production technique to remove mannequins to display clothes & accessories. The product image should be captured from the front, inside & backside. In the end, the mannequin will be removed and that empty place of product filled with previously captured inside or backside view(whatever needed). More specifically, the front view has a place on the back to give an appearance that looks like an invisible person is wearing the clothes.  

Types Of Neck Joint:

Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin: Mannequin removal service is also known as neck joint service. It actually means remove the mannequin from the image and add the neck. For this process, photographers must take three side photos for every single product(front, inner, back). Then in the final picture, our professional graphic design team removed the mannequin and attached the three parts of an image. Neck joints on ghost mannequin service are required for t-shirt, shirts, baby clothes, women’s dress, etc. 

  Bottom Joint: This service is applicable for these products whose bottom back part is longer. In this category, graphic designers first remove the dummy then joint the bottom back part. Most of the garment products need this service such as T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, jackets, etc.   Sleeve Joint Service: Sleeve joint on ghost mannequin is another service of neck joint. This post-production service is applicable for long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, etc. Our expert image editors firstly remove the mannequin from the hollow then add the sleeve and extra shadow to get a perfect hollow.    3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Effect: the 3D effect is a fantastic service of neck joints. After completing the neck joint, bottom joint, sleeve joint, a designer can give a finishing marvellous touch. 360° or 3D effects make products’ images look like animation videos. To complete this process the editor needs photos from every single angle of products.    How Neck Joint Works? At first open all the images for specific products such as the front part, inner part, and back part. Use a selection tool (pen tool) for creating a path. Remove the background and create a new layer press CTRL+J. Then have to create another layer. Select the second layer and press ctrl+delete. Then go back to the first layer and select the path & press ctrl. At last, go back to the layer option and select the musk icon, the mannequin will be deleted. After removing the mannequin, we focus on joining. Step by step adds the neck, bottom, sleeve, and 3D(optional). It may seem easy & straight but actually, it’s a complex process to do a perfect neck joint. Obviously, you need a professional designer of photoshop to complete the whole process.  

Who Needs This Service?

Your product image has that much power to grow or down your sale.

Online business owners like e-commerce who sell garments products & jewelry must need neck joints or ghost mannequin services. On the other hand, magazine publishers and other companies who present garment pictures also need this service. The fashion industry is a big part of those who need neck joint service. 

  Ghost mannequin service should be used because it makes the product’s image more clear to the customer & creates manipulation like an invisible man or woman wearing this. It gives a perfect look to your image. It helps consumers to perfectly understand your product before buying. And most importantly, neck joining service is the budget-friendly and successful way to effectively present your product in a perfect position. So, it’s useful for both customers and sellers.  

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