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  Image Cropping Service: Do you avoid image cropping for losing the quality and appeal of your product photo? Here’s what to do. Don’t miss this blog! Image Cropping Image cropping is one of Clipping Amazon’s magic. Mainly professional image cropping is altering or reducing the size of the photo. It is highly needed to focus on a specific object, to remove too much information, and change the orientation of the photo without losing the image quality.    Aside from those merits, image cropping service is hugely used in branding too. Because just changing the aspect ratio of an image with the perfect resolution can bring a real change in your business.   Why Image Cropping? Image is a prime element in any website. Clipping Amazon crops images that are website friendly and can be easily uploaded on blogs. Image cropping is mandatory in branding because it focuses on a specific thing along with professional quality. Usually, we crop images with our mobile phone that easily loses their quality. But Clipping Amazon ensures the quality of a cropped image.   Image Cropping Facts & Points   When you’re posting a photo for your blog or website or eCommerce business, cropping photos plays a vital role. Because the right size of the file will load faster. To get the best result, you have to upload images that are less than 500 KB in size. Although you can upload 20 MB at most. But we keep an eye on image size & frame, file format, color mode, and background color when cropping an image. As a result, the cropped image doesn’t lose its appeal.   How Image Cropping Works   Normally people don’t pay much attention to photo cropping. But professional image cropping services have their perks. You’ll have perks like-
  • change the orientation of an image
  • change of aspect ratio
  • reframing the subject
  • remove unwanted information
  • overall an improvised composition of the desired photo
  The perfect size of an image can drive traffic higher than your expectation. Also, the perfect aspect ratio of the photo grabs the eye of your traffic. This is where professional image cropping is needed.   Importance of Image Cropping   If you want to drive enough traffic to your website and charm them, the first thing you need is an attention-grabbing picture. It could be the picture of your logo or your product. To grab the attention of your website visitors, you need that photo optimized and resized perfectly. Because if your image takes too much time to load, the audience will get bored and leave your website. Surely, you don’t want that.    If you’re dreaming of selling products at Amazon or eBay. Then, image cropping is the service you’ll need very often. Because These international sites have their own photo requirements for their business. This means, if you want to make a business there, you must post product photos as per their given criteria.    Image cropping is necessary even if you’re not an e-commerce owner. Jewelry Shop owners nowadays operate their business both online and offline. And image cropping helps here by cropping the jewelry photos and focus on the gems in them. Thus, by focusing on the gems, image cropping helps to drive customers to your shops.   Not always it has to be for commercial purposes. There are always some photos we collect for years. For example, the photo of your mum or dad’s childhood. These kinds of photos are obviously lovable and you’ll want to post them on social media. That’s when you take photos off of those photos and crop them. But those lose quality often. This is where professional image cropping is needed. But if those hard copies of photos are too damaged, you can always take our photo restoration service.   Secrets Behind Image Cropping & Resizing   These are some of the main facts for which successful business owners spend their valuable dollars for professional image cropping service  
  • The beauty of the image remains intact
  • The picture is composed evenly
  • Kicks out the unwanted background
  • Focused on the original object
  • Balancing the expected aspect ratio
  • The shape of the image remains unharmed
  We mostly receive files of product photos for Amazon, eBay listing that needs image cropping along with other editing services. And in Clipping Amazon, we maintain the following facts strictly-  
  • We crop photos manually so that no details are missed
  • We use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop for editing
  • We provide affordable prices
  • You can drop any type of file for cropping like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.
  • A large number of files professionally edited before the deadline.
  • Maximize the quality
  • Increase productivity of the photo
  • Unlimited revisions until client’s approval
  • A heart to heart chat with our clients 
  • Eliminate errors
  We provide professional photo editing services 24/7. So, if you want any kind of photo editing services, Clipping Amazon is just a click away.

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