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Image Cleaning Service

Image Cleaning Service: is a part of image editing. It removes unwanted objects, spots, dust, stains, scratches, pins, hangers, light shadows, etc. from any image.

Image Cleaning Service Image Cleaning Service is a part and parcel of image editing.  If you are thinking of enhancing the beauty of a photo, image cleaning is a must. Because if there is any spot, dust, or unwanted object in the image, it is cleaned with the help of an image cleaning service. The e-commerce business now requires a lot of photos to showcase the products. But even after spending a lot of money on the photo shoot of the products, some of these unwanted problems still stay. Image cleaning services are the only solution to all these problems. Clipping Amazon’s experienced and professional staff process these images quite perfectly to reduce such problems.

What is an Image Cleaning Service? 

Image Cleaning Service is a service that removes unwanted objects, noise, spots, dust, shadows, etc. from any image. Basically, image cleaning is done using several tools of Photoshop. The image cleaning depends entirely on the type of image. Because each type of image has a different type of symmetry and then they are fixed by keeping the actual form of the image. After working with many projects and clients, we are happy to say that our editors have expertise in this sector. Because Our clients are never disappointed. Most of the time we get the product catalog pictures of the e-commerce store. These images have a variety of spots or some loose yarn of fabric that are removed through image cleaning. Also when a photographer takes a picture of the product the shadow of the light inadvertently goes away or some noise remains in the picture. So, removing these and making the images atrractive for an e-commerce store is the job of image cleaning.

What Services are Included in the Image Cleaning Service?

Image cleaning service is not really one service. There are some other photo editing services inside this one service. Each type of image requires a different type of photo editing service. Our experts complete the editing maintaining the quality of the picture. The services that are included in this service are-
  • Remove Unwanted Object

After taking the picture, there are often some unwanted things in the picture. For example, when a product is photographed, some stands are used to place it properly, using image cleaning, you can remove these objects. This service is also essential for removing hangers, pins, or any kind of object. Our expert editors remove objects through Photoshop while keeping the original look of the image.
  • Noise Reduction

Noise reduction service is the process of removing noise from a picture. If there is noise in a picture, that picture looks very ugly and horrible. Noise in the image can be due to various reasons such as low light or low camera resolution. Sometimes there is some noise when taking pictures outside, despite having a good camera. Photoshop is used to solve these problems. Our experienced editors use advanced techniques to reduce all kinds of noise and make the image smooth and of high quality.
  • Basic Spotting

Basic spotting is more common in image cleaning services. This is a service that fixes any kind of stains, dirt, dust, folds, wrinkles and various small problems in the picture. This service is necessary for different products and models that have problems with the skin. With the help of Photoshop, our experts do this basic spotting job very efficiently without ruining the original image.
  • Red Eye Removal 

Red Eye is very annoying and distracting in any portrait picture. The Red Eye spoils the beauty of the picture. Our experts know how to fix Red Eye problems in images using Photoshop. You can get rid of the red-eye problem with the help of our red-eye removal service. Images sometimes look dull due to low brightness and improper use of whiteness. Blur or Dull images are never ideal for any website or store. Because no one is ever attracted by dull pictures. Our image editing experts have an intuitive knowledge of how to solve these problems and restore them with just a few touches. Enough skill to illuminate their image without changing the context.


Image cleaning service is very important if you are talking about photo editing. Almost every picture has a few problems at least. This can be removed through image cleaning. If you do not clean the image and publish it, your website or store traffic will not increase. Because customers or visitors never like to see a picture that is not attractive. Clipping Amazon’s experts know what kind of problems can occur in a picture and how to solve it. Not even a small problem is hidden from their subtle vision. So you will never be disappointed working with Clipping Amazon. Because we have some hardworking, experienced and enterprising designers who will work on your photo. We deliver the work on time and also maintain the quality of the picture. We exchange images with clients via FTP Server, WeeTransfer, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Our Creative Mind always strives to provide some extra work and benefits for your business. Our company strives to be cost-friendly so that all kinds of clients can join us. We also have the opportunity to edit 3 pictures for Free so that the client can decide to hire only after seeing our performance.


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